Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software, is an integrated business process management software that permits an organization to run the business efficiently and automates many functions including Finance, Production, Sales, Marketing, Distribution, Procurement, Inventory, Quality Control, Costing and Human Resources (HR) etc.

Organizations may use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to handle following activities/processes: Supply Chain Management (material purchasing, customer requirement processing, purchase order processing, inventory management, goods receipt & warehouse management, supplier management/sourcing, forecasting), distribution process management, setting prices, material required planning, project planning, automation of employee life-cycle/managing human resources and payroll, standardization of critical business procedures, reduction of redundant tasks, accounting, financials handling, improving accuracy of financials and overall data, lowering purchasing costs, assessment of business requirements and so on.

One of the vital features of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a shared database that provides centralized flow of information across the organization instead of pushing employees to keep separate databases/spreadsheets thus different divisions for example, Sales & Accounting could depend upon the similar information for their particular needs. One such shared document could be a successful sales order; the information automatically goes into the Accounting/financials module without any human intervention, the order management department processes order more promptly & correctly, and the Accounting/financials department closes the transaction/accounting quicker.

Ever since the ERP phenomenon gained popularity, Enterprise Resource Planning System/Software have came forth in order to help businesses and managers. In this new era the ERP are also coupled with the Business Intelligence capabilities that enhance the visibility and are being offered as a single unified package. Business Intelligence (BI) or a dashboard application also enables managers to rapidly understand the business performance through key performance indicators (KPIs).

In the beginning ERP Software was considered only for large and mid-size enterprises but with the technological advancements and the success stories of ERP related to the high growth companies, even small to mid-sized progressive companies and wide-ranging industries are acquiring it. The primary switch has been due to the advent of the Cloud Technology which is also known as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and has acted as a catalyst to help adopting mainly small-sized or even mid-sized companies that have limited budgets.

Cloud/SaaS ERP version comes with affordable pricing and with no upfront OS licensing or server costs; just pay an yearly fee for everything based on the active users. It is generally the quickest yet easiest to implement and manage - all you need is a browser and an internet connection. Above all, a good Cloud/SaaS ERP (like BizzTrax) gives real time Business Intelligence and reports, enabling CEOs and managers to gain valuable insight into the entire organization's operations and better decision making, one of the biggest competitive advantages indeed.

BizzTrax (BT), a high class ERP Software offers great reliability and high data security with on-premise and on-cloud options. Enterprises select BizzTrax because its unique & integrated system architecture allows the company to manage its operations very efficiently. BizzTrax is an easy-to-use ERP Software that provides simple scalability without compromising performance, with its modular design, it offers the advantage of going for the entire solution or selecting specific system modules as per your current needs. The unique combination of cost-efficient and high support service levels made it first choice ERP software for small & mid-sized enterprises in Pakistan and MENA. The quality and prompt availability of services are something that determine the success of any software. Extensive and loyal client list is representative of BizzTrax team’s dedication to excellent & timely services.

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