Human Capital Management Software

HCMS - Human Capital / Human Resource Management Software

Managing an organization’s workforce towards contributing considerably in the productivity of organization is the most basic facet of Human Capital Management. It is also a procedure of hiring, training, managing of workforce/employees and to keep them retained hence prompting and encouraging them to give their best output in all functions of an organization. The prime goal of each organization is to make their employees (HR) most efficient and in this context organizations take their employees as their most valuable asset that play a pivotal role in the overall productivity of the organization.

The function of HR departments is administrative, tedious and complex at times. Nowadays organizations need more HR professionals than before in order to manage day to day administration, recruitment, pre-employment testing, attendance, leave, payroll, documentation, travelling, training, performance appraisals, separation, workforce tracking, ensuring legislative compliance, aligning people management and talent strategies. To reduce the manual workload of these administrative activities organizations have a compulsive need of Human Capital Management Software that automates all these processes and brings efficiency, accuracy, and visibility.

An HCMS (Human Capital Management Software) is a blend of systems and processes that ties up Human Capital Management and IT. HCM Software allow companies to standardize and streamline the entire HR lifecycle with dual benefits of reducing workload of the HR department as well as increasing the performance.

The wave of technological progression has overturned every domain including HR. The domain of Personnel management when automated a couple of decades ago, started with a basic software to track the employee work timings and processing payroll. This has transitioned into the latest wave of most advanced Human Capital Management Software that cover all aspects of HR & consolidates all HR processes into one. Thereby reducing cost & time spent on routine tasks & permits businesses to proactively manage HR operations therefore productivity levels tend to increase. Simultaneously, the HCMS improves the entire experience of the workforce & the HR professionals. Courtesy of Cloud/SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) service delivery model, HCMS have become affordable and this has enabled literally every small and medium sized businesses to capitalize and reap the unprecedented benefits of HCMS to remain viable in the competition.

TimeTrax HCM Software equipped with the Cloud/SaaS delivery model maximizes HR potential and automates the entire HR management cycle in any company, of any size and any industry. The complete solution for HR professionals who want things done quickly, precisely and easily. In all, TimeTrax (TT) is able to deliver for the entire needs of any organization - from the CEO to the HR Manager to every single employee in the organization. Rightly thus TimeTrax is termed as 'The Best Investment for your Human Capital'.

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