May 2017

TimeTrax: A 360 Degree Human Resource Management Solution for Pakistani Businesses

It is difficult to overstate the importance of leveraging information technology in any modern business. According to a study conducted by McKinsey, simply digitizing customer experience can boost profits by 20% in 5 years, while incorporating technology in operations and management tasks can reduce costs eventually leading to a 36% improvement in profits over the same span of time.

This is why companies need a digital solution tailored to their needs. EfroTech, a mature, 20 year-old IT provider offers a complete package for the human resource needs of companies in Pakistan and MENA. ET, as it is popularly known, is also behind famous software packages like orBItrax and BizzTrax, which help improve productivity and data analytics in all departments of any organization.

TimeTrax HCMS is one such product from EfroTech. It helps resolve all human capital management tasks through a singular, integrated set of tools. Its domain covers all aspects related to the HR function of a company. The management can make use of TimeTrax to keep track of employee performance and automate day-to-day tasks, which can help increase output.

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