BizzTrax Overview

BizzTrax® – Cloud ERP/BI/CRM Software

BizzTrax® Product Overview

Multiple-Award-Winning BizzTrax - assisting you with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI) & Payroll Management needs.

BizzTrax is a Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning/Business Intelligence/Customer Relationship Management Solution for Service, Distribution, Manufacturing & Retail Industries. A single solution that covers all business-critical functions like Finance, Sales & Distribution, Inventory, Procurement, Costing & Fixed Assets-Management. It also includes Manufacturing, Planning and Quality Control.

Multi-Language Support is built into the system's architecture and Integrated Business Intelligence capabilities have also been coupled with the system through a generic and proprietary dashboard application - orBItrax, which provides the information that matters the most, at the tap of a finger. 


BizzTrax® – Single Solution for Multiple Businesses

BizzTrax solution can be used as a Sales & Distribution System by distributors of various industries (from FMCG to Pharmaceutical and Electronics), and covers the entire distribution operations from procurement to sales returns. Also have capability to perform order booking in the field with the power of Android app.

The same solution can be used for Point of Sale (POS) activities by Retailers, supermarkets, restaurants, Door-to-Door sales etc. including the integration with bar-code/RFID readers through Android-app.

The very same solution can be used as a complete ERP software solution for Manufacturers; covering the entire manufacturing operations from procurement and imports to manufacturing management, quality controls and sales. 

BizzTrax - eBackChecker is an Android-based app for trade marketing surveys, doctor detailing, retail audits etc. This will be a trend setter as eBackChecker allows any business to perform and monitor field activities efficiently. BizzTrax has already integrated with JD-EDWARD, iSCALA, SAP and other popular off-the-shelf systems.


BizzTrax® – Modular Architecture 

With its modular architecture BizzTrax offers the advantage to go for the entire solution or select specific system modules as per your current needs. Besides, we provide an added advantage of complete customization, a flexibility not offered by standard ERP solutions.

eCRM - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) eSales- Sales Management System eBuyer - Procurement eInventory - Inventory Management eFinancials- General Ledger, Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable eAssets - Fixed Assets Management

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