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TimeTrax® -  HCM & ERP Solution

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A recipient of 5 P@SHA ICT Awards, TimeTrax - is an all-in-one Human Capital Management & ERP ‘On-Cloud’ & ‘On-Premise solution’ for all your HR & business needs. A highly prestigious single solution that covers all HR & business-critical functions. 34 Super-modules for Personnel, Attendance, Leave, Payroll, Finance, Fixed Assets, Document, Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Separation, Training, Online Test, Appraisal, Survey, Incident, Travel, Expense, Canteen, Task, Help-Desk, Customer Relationship, Sales, Inventory, Procurement, Cash management, Access Control, Announcements, Messenger/Chat, ESS Kiosk, Bio Enable Disbursement, HR Reports / Dashboard, Costing, production and Quality Control with Mobile App.

From digitally transforming Your HR, optimizing all the operations, delighting your customers, TimeTrax gives a clear visibility of your business.

TimeTrax – On-Premise and On-Cloud Delivery Models:

Personnel Management

Personnal ManagementEmployee profile with details of dependents, qualifications, experience, courses & certifications skills languages, references,...

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Attendance Management

Attendance ManagementComprehensive Attendance module including shifts, rosters, holidays, overtime, penalty & penalty exemption workflow....

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Leave Management

Leave ManagementIntuitive workflow tool that simplifies the process flows of planning, applying & approving of leave's through App, kiosk or...

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Payroll Management

Payroll ManagementMulti-currency, multi-country Payroll module covering Monthly, Fortnightly & piece rate payroll along with salary grading,...

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Document Management

Docs ManagementHelps generate, archive & retrieve HR and non-HR letters & documents based on user rights. The powerful documents matrix...

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Manpower Management

Manpower ManagementHelps to plan workforce requirements and set up budgets, perform validation budget on hiring requisition, auto...

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Recruitment Management

Recruitment ManagementAutomates hiring requisitions & approvals job publishing, collection of resumes, short-listing. online tests, interviews calls...

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Separation Management

Separation ManagementManages employee separation process from resignation entry and acceptance letter issuance, exit interview and notice pay....

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Training Management

Training ManagementAssists the human resource development by keeping complete track of training history and schedules, in sync with the appraisal...

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Online Test Management

Online Test ManagementOnline testing add-on that links with recruitment module for pre-employment testing and training module for pre-training and...

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Appraisal Management

Appraisal ManagementAn efficient appraisal system that automates, simplifies and streamlines Employees performance appraisal process and suggests...

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Survey Management

Survey ManagementA robust employee survey management module that provides hands-on information, accurate employee insights into...

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Incident Management

incident ManagementImproves organization's productivity by time-stamping positive & negative incidents of employees and subsequent....

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Travel Management

Travel ManagementA complete end-2-end cloud-based solution for automating Travel Authorization and Management workflows authorization and...

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Expense Management

Expense ManagementWith the intuitive Expense module, you can automate the employees' expense through a web interface and the app. expense...

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Canteen Management

Canteen ManagementTake the administrative burden away by managing meal subsidy policy, meal deductions using integrated biometric kiosk...

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Task Management

Task ManagementTMS helps you to manage & monitor Task assignment, status & project/customer-wise times spend and with the help of kanban...

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Help Desk Management

Help Desk ManagementEmployees can raise service requests to departments & rate against completed requests. Help-Desk can also be used...

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Access Control Management

Access Control ManagementManage organization-wide physical access based on time-slots, locations & keep track of employee movemnet within...

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Announcements Management

Announcements ManagementCreate important announcements & circulates across the organization or within selected employee groups right...

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Team Chat / Messenger

Team Chat / MessengerWith a built-in messaging module, quickly share/discuss your ideas with other employees within the company to enable...

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ESS KIOSK Management

ESS KIOSK ManagementReduces burden on the HR team by providing biometric-based kiosk to Non-PC users for simple ESS tasks like leave request...

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Reports & Dashboards

Report DashboardsThrough interactive HR Dashboard, Each user will have visibility & easy accessibility of key information & metrics...

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Bio Enable Disbursement

Bio Enable DisbursementStreamline and secure cash salary disbursement process in large labor oriented organizations using biometric verification...

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CRM Software

Customer Relationship ManagementA robust software module that manages and tracks all Customer-related activities: Sales-leads opportunities, prospects....

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Sales Management

Sales ManagementControls overall sales activities including sales territory management, customer/distributor management, discount and...

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Procurement Management

Procurement ManagementA comprehensive module that generates and tracks the purchase orders awarded to suppliers and generates their billing....

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Inventory Management

Inventory ManagementAn efficient module that builds visibility and control over inventory costs, stock levels processes inventory receipts, returns....

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Financials Management

Financials ManagementProvides complete integration between different areas of Finance, Resolving around the general ledger, accounts receivable...

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Fixed Assets Management

Fixed Assets ManagementCompletely manages entire life-cycle of your company’s Fixed Assets and helps keepa tab on the CAPEX. Integrated with efinancials...

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Cash Management

Cash ManagementCentrally controlled cash management module. Upon approvals advances can be issued to employee returns and adjustments...

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Production Management

Production ManagementProduction management is the lifeline of any manufacturing company. Production management provides a powerful MRP process...

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Costing Management

iconIn association with finance management, procurement management & production management, this module helps...

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Quality Management

Quality ManagementAn easy to use quality control module that maintains QA and QC records of incoming raw materials, in-process sub-assemblies and....

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