eAssets - Fixed Assets Management

eAssets provides you with the tools to completely manage your company’s Fixed Assets and helps keep a tab on the CAPEX. It assists you in most effectively recording the entire life-cycle of the depreciating and non-depreciating assets. From creation to depreciation, revaluation and disposal; tightly integrated with eFinancials, this module can track physical attributes, record tax, calculate depreciation & budget for future acquisitions of assets and this exhaustive information can be made readily available, on-Cloud.





  • Records sales, disposal or loss of assets & revaluation of currently owned assets
  • Tracks each asset’s value with the leading bar-code scanning technology
  • Manages and tracks changes of an asset all over its life-cycle
  • Classifies assets into different categories & groups
  • Imports transaction and assets records through the user-friendly FA uploader
  • Automatically updates newly acquired assets through system integrated Purchase Order Processing
  • Calculates depreciation values correctly using different depreciation methods
  • Enables allocation and re-allocation of assets to employees or departments
  • Keeps tab of transactions and lists of fixed assets purchase, its allocation and de-allocation, full and partial disposals, transfers, revaluations etc.
  • Integrates seamlessly with eFinancials
  • Provides records of data range options for accounting periods and asset categories
  • Helps generate powerful & instant reports including full audit trails, depreciation summaries, assets register list, disposed assets summaries etc.
  • Retrieves historic and current assets data on one click. An audit log file which will hold a history of all user actions and show which records were affected


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