eCRM - Customer Relationship Management

Engaged Customers, Revenues Multiplied!

A robust software module that manages and tracks all Customer-related activities: Sales-leads, Opportunities, Prospects & Existing customer contacts, Lead Sources, Relationship Period & Value and lot more. eCRM captures data at multiple touch points and provides a seamless flow of data across the entire customer lifecycle.

eCRM helps reduce costs and increase profitability by managing and automating Sales & Customer Relationships, while delivering return on investment (ROI) too.

This Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) module of BizzTrax - an award winning ERP/POS/CRM Software - helps organizations enjoy, at a minimal cost, the benefits of a world-class CRM solution that focuses on delivering both intrinsic and extrinsic value.






  • Sales Lead Source Setup
  • Sales Lead Creation & Listing
  • Contact Management /Account Management including Contacts & Prospects
  • Sales Lead Management
  • Lead Generation & Conversion of Lead into Opportunity
  • Assign Opportunity to team members with email & SMS Alerts
  • Sales Lead and Follow-up Tracking
  • Activities & Sales Stages Setup
  • Track Activities, Sales Opportunities, Quotes, etc. by Contact
  • Schedule Future Activities
  • Opportunity Setup and Opportunity Management
  • Track Opportunities against Activities (Phone Call, Meeting, Demo, etc.)
  • Role-based Security
  • Advanced CRM Analytics & Sales Reporting Dashboard
  • Multiple Sales Reports/ Lead and Opportunity Statuses (Won, Lost, Deferred, Closed, etc.)
  • Dashboard reminders for ‘Follow-up’ Activities
  • Simplicity and Ease of Integration
  • Ultimate Flexibility/Mobile & Web Access from anyplace – with Web based Architecture and ‘on-Cloud’ & ‘on-Premise’ versions


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