eDashboard - HR Dashboards

Through Interactive HR Dashboards, each user will have visibility & easy accessibility of key information & metrics relating to their individual role & that of their team members & departments.



  • Improved visibility through powerful HR dashboard/analytics.
  • HR Dashboard (joiners, leavers, headcount all types, turnover vs retention), turnover by month, turnover by department, leavers by service period, leavers by age group, average employee tenure, average tenure by department, etc.
  • Recruiter Dashboard (recruitment tracker, summaries, details, etc.)
  • Travel Dashboard (department/employee/ travel agency/scope of travel wise, travel via, with year and date ranges, etc.)
  • Access Control Dashboard with employees & visitors monitoring (employees/visitors in & employees/visitors out)
  • Attendance Dashboard (absenteeism, employee absenteeism rate %, absenteeism by department, absenteeism over last 3 years, overtime hours, yearly avg overtime hours (per employee), avg overtime by age group, etc.)
  • Payroll Dashboard (average salary by department, salary range break down, salary by month, salary break down by month, etc.
  • Appraisal Dashboard (performance potential matrix, performance review by Bell Curve, etc.)


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