eManPlan - Manpower/Workforce Planning

eManPlan - the Workforce Planning - module lets HRD plan upcoming workforce requirements of the company and also set up budgets for the same. The functionality of this powerful module allows HR managers to make timely and quick decisions of new or replacement requirements of human resource. With this Manpower/Workforce Planning module, HR ensures that the Right Staff is placed in the Right Jobs, at the Right Time.

The module mainly reduces the fallout of inadequate human resources on business and it can automatically estimate salary and calculate budget data for new hires. Subsequently, the senior management can view and use the budgeting proposal for planning.

With a powerful HR dashboard, eMan (Workforce Planning) module makes reductions in the efforts needed to project costs, manpower requirements, transfers, promotions and much more.





  • Yearly Head count budget Designation and Position wise.
  • Budget Validation on Hiring Requisition and Job Ad Posting.
  • Actual and Budgeted Strength Analysis.
  • Designation and Position wise Organogram.
  • Upload and update position mapping.


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