eTravel - Travel Management

A complete end-2-end cloud-based solution for automating Travel Authorization and Management Workflows. The system ensures ongoing savings of money and time by avoiding the need to chase travel agents, managers and employees for  approvals and documents. Approvals can be done from anywhere, any time through any browser and even on handhelds through mobile app.





  • Manages travel work flow and authorizations
  • Shares information electronically with travel agents & rent a car
  • Tracks travel costs
  • Travel calendar department wise
  • Role based security
  • Web based user-friendly interface
  • Active directory based user authentication
  • Email reminder for document expires i.e. passport & visa
  • Electronic information for travel agent / agency
  • Tracks travel cost and supports multi level agencies
  • Configurable workflow for multilevel approvals
  • Travel calendar online and reports


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