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TimeTrax makes Attendance Management more convenient at SMC Group


TimeTrax eAttendance paired with TT-K20 Devices will provide SMC Group with advanced method to easily gather, track and manage employee time & attendance. TimeTrax eAttendance module with the power of TimeTrax Biometric Fingerprint, Face recognition and RFID Devices is the most effective way to get accurate workforce timesheet & attendance statistics in real-time also eliminates “buddy punching” the unethical exercise of one incumbent checking in, or out, for other.

TimeTrax makes smooth HR Management comprising Attendance and Payroll at Paramount Distributors

Time & Attendance management is very significant to every company as Businesses invariably have to keep a track of their staff. TimeTrax eAttendance (Time & Attendance Management module) is a full-featured solution that will permit Paramount Distributors to have complete application, planning, evaluation & control over employee timings & attendance management. Furthermore, for Payroll Management ePayroll is to be deployed which is catering to the Payroll needs of various Pakistani companies in a successful manner. ePayroll is a cost-effective and time-saving solution that will help Paramount Distributors to ease and automate the Payroll cycle at every month with accuracy and on-time processing. ePayroll is one of the most advanced systems of its kind; hassle free & error free - remarkably simple and flexible.


TimeTrax Cloud Version simplifies Time Attendance and Workforce Tracking at Wahaj Hussain Schooling System


TimeTrax cloud-based timesheet & attendance software - eAttendance - simplifies and automates the attendance process and also features a powerful and intuitive interface which will give Wahaj Hussain Schooling System instantaneous & real-time info to efficiently manage their staff’s attendance records from anywhere, anytime. TT-eAttendance will significantly reduce the burden of administration. The time required to figure out employee time & attendance and to process payroll will go down tremendously. Furthermore, after implementation of eAttendance and installation of TT- K20 Biometric Fingerprint Devices the total worked hours will be automatically calculated; duly incorporating overtime, holidays, vacation etc.

Balochistan Wheels to manage its workforce with TimeTrax to keep HR process (Attendance Management) automated & consistent

To automatize HR process at Balochistan Wheels and to gain complete control over attendance function the eAttendance module of TimeTrax and TT-IFace 800 Multi Bio Devices will come into play. Not to forget that the entire core HCM needs are handled in one place by one Solution: TimeTrax.

TimeTrax announces successful implementations at Rafhan Maize and at Sir Engineering

Rafhan Maize Products Co. Ltd has adopted TimeTrax for its HR operational processes. TimeTrax has successfully employed a series of modules including eAttendance, eLeave and ePayroll to streamline essential HR processes aimed at boosting employees’ productivity. All modules are backed up with built-in reporting and HR dashboard for real-time, strategic performance insight. TimeTrax Fingerprint devices have also been installed to record employees’ arrival and departure records.


Likewise TimeTrax has also successfully transformed HR administration at Sir Engineering. Interconnected with TT-VF780 Face recognition Device, eAttendance & eLeave modules of TimeTrax are allowing Sir Engineering Enterprises to easily and accurately track, manage and analyze their workforce actions/transactions including leave management (Managing the entire employee leave application/approval process; recording leave entitlements and utilized leaves monitoring, etc.).

EfroTech is a sponsor of the “Pakistan-Switzerland Friendship Exhibition”, from 29 May 2015 at the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, for 100 days!


“Pakistan-Switzerland Friendship Exhibition” started from 29 May 2015 at the Jinnah International Airport (JIAP), Karachi and features TimeTrax HCM Software & BizzTrax ERP Software at the Domestic & International departure lounges for a period of 100 days. EfroTech Services is a Sponsor of this exciting event.

TimeTrax Biometric Devices including TT-IFace 800 (Multi Bio) & TT-X628 were successfully installed at Yamaha Motors Pakistan and South City Hospital.

The TimeTrax Biometric Devices track timekeeping electronically. Their access-control feature gives the selective restriction of access to the administration and provide accurate attendance/'in' & 'out' records with the help of eAttendance Module thus eliminating the risk of missing vital information. The cloud-based architecture of the TT system also updates these info/data in real-time which can be seen from anywhere in the world through TimeTrax's secure logon.

US Embassy Islamabad and PTB Foods get their TimeTrax HCMS Service Agreements renewed for 2015.

eBone Tracks its Employees’ Attendance through the Cloud, with TimeTrax HR software!

Ebone Networks Pvt.Ltd, an independent, Advanced Technology company required an affordable & adequate HCM Software to monitor their employees' time-in, time-out and overall number of hours worked. With the power of TT-14 Biometric Fingerprint Devices and TimeTrax eAttendance cloud version, eBone Managers will now be able to track their employees' time and attendance from anywhere and at any time including break intervals, with ease.

At S.S International, TimeTrax will ignite Productivity & Let their culture Thrive

Aiming to reduce the amount of effort and time absorbed by attendance problems, S.S International will use now the most likeable HCM/HRM Solution of Pakistan - TimeTrax - to address their attendance management with the blend of eAttendance software module and TT-SC403 Biometric fingerprint hardware. TimeTrax HCM/HRM Solution makes it easy for any HR department to manage their Human Resource operations efficiently; it is a pivotal tool not just for HR Managers but for the entire organization as well.

Fulcrum gets TimeTrax, the leader in Cloud/SaaS Human Capital Management Solutions

At Fulcrum, An ISO 9001-2008 certified Business Consulting Services Company, attendance and Leave Management will now be handled through cloud based eLeave & eAttendance modules of TimeTrax. With eLeave their staff can easily apply for leave(s) and also check their Leaves-balance and earlier utilized Leaves-History. Similarly, managers can approve subordinate’s leave(s) while observing the entire leave records and any pattern(s). Managers can also get access to and manage the employee information anywhere via the cloud with the core TimeTrax HCM software. In totality TimeTrax provides end-to-end HR solutions with a unified HRIS/HCMS platform to meet any company’s HR management needs. Be it a local, national or global enterprise, TimeTrax offers broad-based benefits.

Aga Khan University, Gumcorp, ARY Network, Arpatech, Vision Direct Marketing/Jaag TV and Envicrete get their TimeTrax HCMS Service Agreements renewed for 2015.

For Venture Dive Check-in & Check-out made Easy with TimeTrax Cloud/Saas Version

Venture Dive, a boutique product and design consultancy delivering lifestyle improvements, founded by Stanford and MIT alums, who engage as thought partners with their customers and delivering innovative world-class technology solutions. Their need was of an automated and cost-effective Attendance/TimeSheet management solution to properly perform & monitor Check-in & Check-out transactions of employees. TimeTrax will now simplify Time and Attendance function and employees’ tracking at their workplace. TimeTrax cloud-version of eAttendance is quick, easy and most effective with the TT-14 Biometric Devices installed.

TimeTrax Biometric Fingerprint Devices including TT-14, TT-X628, TT-F702 were successfully installed at different locations of Dunkin Donuts, Service Industries Limited, J Telemarketing and CCL Pharmaceuticals.

Dunkin Donuts is being operated in Pakistan since 2000. It is franchised by Phoenix Foods (Pvt.) Ltd. in Lahore and Islamabad. Whereas Karachi operations are controlled by IFL. Service Industries Limited (SIL) is a public limited company listed on the stock exchanges of Pakistan. It has annual revenues of about PKR 15 billion ($150 Million) and is the largest manufacturer of footwear, tyres & tubes for two-wheelers, and has been the largest footwear exporter of the country for the last 10 years. J Telemarketing was founded with the vision of offering services to entrepreneurs that would inspire them, and make their dreams a more tangible reality. For more than 10 years now J TeleMarketing has lead the way with dedicated Contact Centre and Business Process Outsourcing. CCL Pharmaceuticals, formerly Consolidated Chemical Labs, with an IMS reported annual sales of over 2.7 Billion ranks among the top-25 Pharma companies of Pakistan.

Enterprise. Resource. Optimization. With BizzTrax, Pakistan's Best ERP; as simple as 1-2-3!


TimeTrax makes smooth HR Management at Mehran Enterprises

About Mehran Enterprises

Mehran Enterprises, popularly known for their "Just for Men" brand of hair colors, Kryolan make-ups and the Femina institute, besides others, came into existence in 1989. With their Head Office in Karachi, a regional office in Lahore and Zonal offices in all the major cities of Pakistan the organization has become a major player over the years in the "Beauty & Personal Well-being" segment.

HR Problems at Mehran

Running a fairly large organization; 400 staff spread across at 28 different locations in Pakistan - required a fair amount of effort to manage their employees' and HR processes of attendance, Leave and Payroll management. The key issues were:

  • Time consuming and Labor-intensive HR Processes
  • Error-prone data entry
  • Manual attendance & timekeeping resulting in tedious processes for tracking of employee's activities
  • Inability of system to allow transparency and access to employees for Viewing/Applying for leave(s) and approvals.
  • Unavailability of employees attendance and leave info hence affecting the payroll process which is linked directly to the attendance, timekeeping and leave data
  • Generating Payroll was painful, complex and tedious and never ready on time (Payroll clerks had to spend days completing the Process).

  • Proposed Solution:

    TimeTrax: on-Premise HCM Software

    Proposed Modules

    eAttendance: Attendance Management Solution
    eLeave: Leave Management Workflow Software
    ePayroll: Payroll Management Workflow Software

    Benefits Delivered

    TimeTrax is the absolute, adaptable on-Premise and on-Cloud HRM/HCM Solution that enables organization to carry out all HR operations with ease. One of the bigger challenges Mehran were facing was of managing workforce attendance and subsequently the workforce movement-tracking.

    At times the direct and indirect costs of absenteeism and tardiness are greater than the direct payment of wages, thus causing lost productivity and incomplete/delayed tasks. TimeTrax eAttendance (Attendance Management System) helped Mehran Enterprises achieve a smooth and efficient attendance process with traceability & had an extremely positive effect at all workplaces/locations since it is a pivotal tool not just for HR Managers but for the entire organization as well.

    The eLeave module gives comprehensive management of all types of leave(s) which are defined as per Mehran Enterprises' leave policy/rules. By handling leave management automatically with eLeave, Mehran Enterprises can now manage the entire employees’ leave(s) application/approval process; recording leave entitlements and utilized leaves monitoring, etc. paperwork has been eliminated and direct communication between the staff and employer has improved.

    TimeTrax ePayroll, a highly automated and specialized module of TimeTrax, ePayroll ensures that employees are always paid correctly and on time in just a couple of clicks. ePayroll with complete payroll management capabilities is reducing payroll administrative overhead and the risk of errors/miscalculations at Mehran Enterprises.

    TimeTrax also comes packaged with an Employee Self-Service (ESS) feature that grants every employee of Mehran Enterprises a personal space from where their personal information as an Employee or Manager (through Manager Self Service (MSS)) is updated and kept current. This feature is accessible through a secure logon and helps employees and HR departments keep their records and documents updated. This wipes out the need for HR personnel to enter redundant/repeated info and cuts down the risk of causing human errors in data entry and retrieval.

    TimeTrax, the All-in-One Human Capital Management Software for all workforce needs simplifies & automates HR processes including Attendance, Leave & Payroll at Mehran Enterprises by providing a unified intuitive interface which is reducing errors, eradicating all manual tasks & paper-pushing, therefore saving time & effort at all levels.

    Mr. Khalid Zaki, Head of Accounts and Supply Chain Management testifies that:

    “TimeTrax Human Capital Management (HCM) Software has truly helped us organize our HR administration. This is one integrated solution to manage all HR functions and we are managing Attendance, Leave and Payroll which really saves our time, efforts and cost. The software is really easy to use and full of HR functionalities. We have across Pakistan various locations. It’s great that the employees can get the HR information they need like Attendance, Leaves, PF, Gratuity, Loans status; Leave/Loan request etc.

    Customer Support has also been superb from TimeTrax, although rarely needed. We recommend TimeTrax to all companies!”

    Project Complexity

    400 Employees
    28 Branches
    20 Cities

    Project Status

    Successfully completed

    Technologies Used

    ASP .Net Framework 3.5,
    Crystal Reports & Microsoft SQL Server 2005

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