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orBItrax – Online Reporting & Business Intelligence Tool

A powerful and easy to use Online Reporting & Business Intelligence Tool that facilitates users in creating, customizing, scheduling and publishing dynamic reports through a browser-based interface. Administrators and even ‘non-techie’ users can setup and format reports on run-time with the help of robust reporting wizard.





  • Multiple Report Types
    The solution supports multiple reports types-Tabular, Summary, Pivot Tables and Charts.
  • Reports with Multiple Filters
    Build clear and compelling reports with the feature of multiple filters that has the exclusive or inclusive filtering option.
  • Group-Wise & Multiple Column Wise Sorting
    Assemble your reports group-wise and multiple column-wise sorting at one place and produce report summaries upon the dynamic report page.
  • Drill Down Capability
    Focus on the information that matters, by Drill-down capability in pivot, to retrieve a list of records that were used to calculate a particular summary.
  • Export Report to Different Formats
    There is no restriction on report viewing on any platform. Reporting Module allows you to export the report in different popular formats that includes Excel, PDF, RTF, & HTML.
  • Drag-Drop Functionality
    Extremely flexible and easy to use with drag- drop functionality similar to Excel pivots.
  • Creation & Modification of Reports
    Easy modification of reports; create report from more than one table or from database views.
  • Add New Report Group into Existing Groups
    Add new reporting groups or add new reports into existing groups.
  • Secure your Reports
    Apply report access settings according to your requirements to keep your report confidential.
  • Report Scheduling
    Easily configurable report scheduling feature to build and deliver a report by email. Scheduling can be configured as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
  • Configure Homepage with Reports
    Simply configure multiple reports on your homepage and add some reports to your Favorites. They are ready for your daily intelligent information usage.





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