Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems manage and analyze data & interactions companies have with their future and existing customers throughout their life-cycle. Customer data may include contact details or points of contacts, sales leads, secured/signed leads, awarded contracts, closed leads etc.

Generally CRM software is used to automate, manage and sync functions like: Sales & Marketing, Customer Services & Technical Support with the objectives of; better understanding the customer, developing & improving business relationships with future & current customers, customer retention, cross-selling and up-selling more effectively, pushing sales growth, decreasing customer management costs and increasing profitability.

One of the biggest advantages of CRM is that it stores all business data/info into a single central place/database and can be easily accessed when required. Traditionally the customer data would be spread all over the organization. This tech advancement has not only brought about efficiency & productivity but has also given management the capability to track performance based on information recorded in the software.

CRM Solutions that are available in the market come with various features and attributes but as a business application, security, scalability and stability should be the prime focus for a company to choose a CRM Software based on industry's best practices for their specific organizational needs.

The advent of technology and the internet proliferation have made a big impact on everything, especially with the rise of Cloud technology the CRM Solutions have become very economical, affordable and manageable for every organization. With a Cloud/SaaS-based CRM the data is stored on an external server which users can access anytime, anywhere, merely requiring an internet connection. No upfront OS licensing and no server costs are generally incurred - just by paying an yearly subscription fee the service is available. Fast, economical & easy deployment capabilities of cloud CRM appeal to companies wanting to invest a limited budget and technological resources/expertise into the software roll-out.


Know Thy Customer

BizzTrax Customer Relationship Management (BT-CRM) module offers helps organizations enjoy, at a minimal cost, the benefits of a world-class CRM solution that focuses on delivering both intrinsic and extrinsic value.

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