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Fund Accounting Software

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TimeTrax Fund Accounting Module:

The TimeTrax Fund Accounting module offers comprehensive management of fund trust-related activities. It handles employee and employer contributions, gratuity, provident funds, and investment profits. Users can oversee bank transactions, expenses, and fund investments, while also managing fund withdrawals, loans, and their settlements. The module ensures accurate employee-wise profit distribution, tax calculations, and payable taxes, making fund accounting streamlined and efficient.

TimeTrax Fund Accounting Benefits & Features:

  • Oversee Fund Trust Related funds
  • Fund Contributions (Employee & Employer)
  • Gratuity and provident management
  • Bank and Expenses
  • Fund Investments
  • Profit of Investments
  • Fund Withdrawals
  • Fund loan
  • Loan Return Settlement
  • Employee wise profit distribution (Profit on Fund Investments)
  • Employee Wise Tax on funds
  • Payable Taxes

Fund Accounting Workflow:

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