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Production Management MRP software in Pakistan 2023

TimeTrax Production Management System:

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Production management is the lifeline of any manufacturing company. eProduction provides a powerful MRP process that automatically generates gross and net requirements including the issuance of work orders to departments and purchase orders to suppliers. It takes bill of material (BOM) as input and performs complex calculations to produce accurate material requirements and date-of-completion based on lead times of materials and sub-assemblies. It links with the eQuality module at various stages.


Production Management Benefits & Features:

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High Resources utilization, Production plan with optimum utilization of all available resources.

Define Process, Process definition with inputs, outputs, by-products and overheads.

Material Requirement Planning (MRP) based on machine capacity and availability, machine efficiency, raw material availability, lead time - giving feasible quantity for production.

Bill of Material up to Number of Levels, Definition of Bill of Material for all products up to any number of levels.

Planning based on customer wise production advice and sales forecast.

Production Management Workflow:

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Production Management Software Workflow