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Whether you’re a startup, a thriving enterprise, or anything in between, our clients’ testimonials offer real-life perspectives on how TimeTrax can be your perfect choice for unlocking the full potential of your business. Explore the success stories and experiences of our clients, and get inspired to embark on your own TimeTrax journey towards enhanced efficiency, growth, and success!

Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

“We preferred TimeTrax HCM Software – eAttendance Time Management Module for its cost-effectiveness in efficiently keeping track of our approximately 300 employees. Implementation of on-premise version was super quick and now the exercise of attendance management is no more a hurdle for us. There are very few organizations that provide After Sales Support par-excellence and EfroTech is one of them.

We are truly excited to see how we progress further with TimeTrax.”


Muhammad Farooq (Manager Finance)

“We have a steady & ready to use Cloud HR Software —TimeTrax for attendance management and real-time tracking of our 150 employees — covering 8 outlets at surprisingly low cost!”


M. Udabi Effendi (Manager – Human Resources)

“We at Hutchison Ports Pakistan (SAPT) were exploring options for selection of HR System, which is reliable, user friendly and flexible to meet the unique requirements of an entity.

After thorough analysis and evaluation, we selected TimeTrax HCM Software to meet our HR System needs.

Since 2016, we have been using TimeTrax (modules mentioned below) as an end-to-end automated solution to manage employee life cycle.

1.   Organization Setup & Budgeting
2.   eAttendance
3.   eLeave
4.   ePayroll
5.   eDocument
6.   eRecruitment
7.   eAppraisal
8.   eTraining
9.   eCanteen

The overall Return on Investment (ROI) of Timetrax is excellent. To complement, the quality and promptness of service support by TimeTrax Team is satisfactory.

We recommend TimeTrax HCM Solution as a “Preferred HR Solution”.

Efrotech Team, best of luck for your future endeavors.”

South Asia Pakistan Terminals Limited

Syed Ali Anis(Manager HR Services & OD)
“For effective dealing of our rapidly growing business needs, we approached EfroTech to take advantages of their generic and award-winning ERP software, BizzTrax. Our diverse & key business operations have been brilliantly streamlined through this one unified system. The well structured and standardized modules of Procurement, Finance, Inventory and Sales Management have integrated functionalities and attributes that we had been in search for to overcome the reporting barriers in order to make critical business decisions at pace with the market demands. BizzTrax ERP is backed by a responsive tech support team and appreciable professional attitude of the techno-functional consultants which positions it far above the competition.”

Ellahi Noor Traders

M. Tayyab Faisal (Prop/Manager

“We signed up for TimeTrax HR Software with UFace Device. In the fast paced technological environment TimeTrax HCMS Software has made HR operations user friendly. Employees are very much facilitated with the availability of their data on just one click. It has made our journey towards improvisation very easy.

It’s truly been a pleasure to embark on the road to HR excellence with TimeTrax HCM!”


Cdr. Mahboob Ahmed (Retd.) (Associate Director HR & ADMIN)

“We have been working with EfroTech for nearly two years and have found their product TimeTrax HCMS to be superior to other solutions available in the local, as well as regional markets. The TimeTrax team managed the entire project beautifully and had it go-Live well within the scheduled timelines. We are using Attendance, Leave, Payroll & Document Management for our Karachi & Lahore offices.

The interface and the features of this forward-looking HR Software are quite remarkable and easily adaptable. TimeTrax’s competence and command over automation of HR processes have really impressed us and we are proud to have them on board as our strategic HCMS partner.”


Maliha Shoaib (Assistant Manager, HR)

“Managing the HR function for a good number of employees – over 1000 in our case – was certainly a burdensome task that refrained our Human Resource team from putting their energies and time towards strategic Human Capital planning and organizational development.

In our search for the finest HR solution in the MENA region, we found TimeTrax HCM Software to be far superior to the rest. Its eAttendance & eLeave plug and play modules are well-built and user-friendly, offering a very rapid implementation time. TimeTrax is a full-featured and impressive Software that has cut down our workload tremendously. The system is now in use in several of our affiliated companies.”


Syed Imran Ali (Sr. Manager HR & OD)

“Not all HRM systems allow for remarkably increased productivity to the extent TimeTrax has provided us. The timeliness and efficiency of the implementation team are appreciable. The dynamic Leave workflow management module integrated with Attendance and Payroll management modules for 300 employees have streamlined our HR processes preeminently. We can instantly avail even minute details at the ease of a single click.

The support team is also prompt and cooperative. I have no hesitation in recommending TimeTrax employee friendly HCM Solution.”

Smartlink Technologies

Muhammad Qaiser Naveed (Manager HR)

“We are using their Attendance, Leave and Payroll Management Software to take care of all attendance and salary activities – Shift management, roasters, half day leave, and overtime etc. – everything your organization needs to make your payroll is there for you.

Does your organization need Cloud-based or on-Premise software or do you need bio-metric attendance devices? They have all the Strategic & Operational HR options, you seek!”

A. A. Joyland (Pvt) Limited

Naureen Alam (Head of Human Resources)

“TimeTrax ERP has provided us to end-to-end solution of business management Efrotech has done a great job to create a useful software, which is fully equipped and fulfill our reporting requirements. It is indeed our first professional experience for us and our Company to get used to cloud based software.”

Speciality Sales

Admin Department (DASHI FOODS)

“With regard to employee Attendance and Job Efficiency, having the latest TimeTrax eAttendance Management Software has certainly improved our manpower performance. It is an intuitive on-Premise Human Resource Management System that monitors absenteeism, records timing and delivers a wide and usefully array of reports of our 800 employees.

An excellent system for any systematic Pharmaceutical company. Highly recommended”

HIGH-Q Pharmaceuticals

Atif Iqbal (Managing Director)
TimeTrax has consistently proven to be the most versatile and user-friendly software. We are using their ERP Software modules eSales, eBuyer, eInventory, eFinancials & eProduction. 
TimeTrax has been an excellent partner in the implementing of our ERP system. It has exceeded our expectations in every aspect from demonstrations to implementation, training to service and support. We are really pleased with TimeTrax ERP and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their accounting and financial reporting functions. They are indeed our Success Partner.
Keep up the good work!


Ever since we have been using TimeTrax eAttendance Management module, the user friendly interface and exceptional customer service have made our attendance process well organized and employee tracking effortless. With other advanced features and ready to use Cloud version with very low TCO, it is a highly recommended software. We are most efficiently handling our 50 employees at two locations Karachi and Lahore.

Thank you TimeTrax!


Muhammad Faisal (HR & Admin Executive)

The TMS Software of TimeTrax has been significantly contributing to uplift service level in PTCL. It has made us more efficient through its e-Attendance and e-Leave modules. I appreciate team TimeTrax for their commitment & support, and looking forward to continue our business relationship in future!

(Business Zone South) – PTCL

Muhammad Ali Shaikh (Manager Payroll /HRIS)

It’s been a great experience working with the TimeTrax HCMS team. Their prompt support and thorough assistance is highly appreciable. The software is quick, user friendly and intuitive.

TimeTrax helps us easily manage our Attendance, Leaves and other routine HR processes of 200 employees at 3 sites situated in Karachi and Lahore. We no longer worry about doing everyday HR operations and tracking.

Using a cloud-based HR software gives an extra edge as our employees can access it from anywhere in the world.

We would gladly recommend TimeTrax HCMS for every growing company!

Careem Networks Pakistan (Pvt) Limited

Kunwer Sufian Shahid (HR Business Partner)

It has been pleasure working with Efrotech. We have good business relationship with Efrotech since last 8 years. The TimeTrax of EfroTech is core application in NJI for the monitoring of attendance and maintaining the payroll of all employees with the network of 10 locations in Pakistan using more than 10 devices. TimeTrax is easy to use and multi users environment system, to capture the attendance, leave management with multiple attendance inputs options like (RFID, Biometric and password) and integrated with the Attendance & Payroll Management System. The success of this application is based on excellent support from the EfroTech management and team commitment which strengthen the relations of customers. We are totally confident and satisfied with the system and team support.

Jubilee General Insurance Company Limited

Syed Zamin Zafar (Senior Vice President – IT)

It gives us great pleasure to write this acknowledgement for EfroTech Pvt. Ltd. We have deployed core application of TimeTrax in our organization for the monitoring of e-Attendance with e-Leave and e-Payroll module for smooth running of our payroll system, efficient monitoring and tracking of our attendances and leaves. With the release of their WEB – BASED software, more than 400 employees all over Pakistan are using it independently on the daily basis. By using this software, we have been more efficient integrating all the data and running payroll with accurate result timely. Overall EfroTech ESS has given us an edge to connect all employees on one platform which ultimately improves our communication and operations. The success of this application is based on excellent support from the EfroTech Services Team commitment which strengthens the relations with us.

Much Appreciated

Nippon Paint (Pakistan)

Amber Fatima (Manager Human Resources)

We have been using your Payroll System for now over one year. During this time we found your system worthwhile for our solutions. We sincerely appreciate and are thankful to EfroTech as their business solution that we are using has transferred technologies into value addition for our business operation through their creative and innovative product. Because of their solution it become possible for us to control technology for adding value to our business rather then letting changing technology control our business.


SYED OWAIS WASTI (CFO & Company Secretary)

Where a controlled & better administrative environment is connect, always a powerful tool TIME TRAX is being considered.

We like it as a time keeping software, which reports in many different types with different formats & for gathering data of usual time to time business requirements.

TimeTrax is valuable for our business & strongly recommended for use.

We appreciate EfroTech’s feed back / continue support & keen to advance it with mutual considerations towards the better implementations of our business.

Reckitt Benkiser Pakistan Limited

Amir Shadmani (Plant HR Manager)

It gives immense pleasure to write this acknowledgement for EfroTech Pvt. Ltd. We have a productive business relationship with them since last 3 years. We have been using the core application of TimeTrax in our organization for the monitoring of Attendance with eLeave module of all corporate office employees based in Karachi and Lahore using more than 02 Biometric devices. TimeTrax is user friendly application running in Multi-user environment to capture attendance, leave management with multiple attendance input options like RFID, Biometric and passwords which integrated with the Attendance system. The success of this application is based on timely support from EfroTech Management of followed by their Technical team’s commitment to strengthen the relationship with customers.

We are satisfied with the system and team Support of EfroTech Services.


Amir Riaz (Sr. Manager I.T)

We wanted an state of the art HRM/HCM Software, we researched many softwares and selected TimeTrax, with an intuitive design and a comprehensive list of powerful features, TimeTrax is a truly robust Human Capital Management Software helps us manage all our HR needs including Attendance, Leave, Payroll, Travel, Document, Training, Recruitment and Appraisal/Performance management however orBItrax- BI tool for analytics increases visibility into HR management & provides better planning with better results.

The TimeTrax HCM Software is easy for both employees and administrators/HR to use, we recommend this friendly and professional company to do business with.


Muhammad Mohsin Shafi (Vice President - Human Resource Department)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing us a favorable solution to manage the employee’s Time and Attendance. We have been using TimeTrax module for over a year now and it has been really helpful in controlling several employees’ time related issues.

We are extremely pleased its results and would like to continue with you as our solution providers.

We are indeed pleased to be dealing with you.

Diamond Paints

Hamza Moeen Moghal (Senior Manager HR & Admin)

“This is in reference to “TimeTrax”, Human Capital Management Software. We’ve been using the solution for over 6 months now and we’re totally satisfied by the convenience and functionality it offers.

We had initially implemented the software at our head office and based on the positive feedback of our employees we later implemented it at our factory. Although the software is glitch free but even if there arises an issue, EfroTech’s prompt, personal and effective customer service is always there to assist.

We would happily recommend all solutions developed by EfroTech to all medium and large enterprises as the benefits far outweigh the costs of the solution.”

Premier Cables

Muhammad Atif Shaikh (Manager HR)

Damco Pakistan (Private) Limited is using EfroTech cloud based TimeTrax solution for attendance management for little over a year.

While going through off the shelf available solutions in the market, TimeTrax offered integration flexibility, friendly and easy to use GUI, comprehensive workflow and cohesive authority matrix, vast geography coverage, remote connectivity and most importantly reliable reporting and visibility with a great cost v/s service and utility ratio.

The overall experience, user interface, data reliability, on-call and on-site tech support is wonderful.

We appreciate EfroTech for their continued support and going beyond their agreed scope of services to provide assistance.

DAMCO Pakistan Pvt. Limited

Raheel Salim (Cluster HR Manager for Pakistan and Afghanistan)

“We preferred TimeTrax HCM Software – eAttendance Time Management Module for its cost-effectiveness in efficiently keeping track of our approximately 300 employees. Implementation of on-premise version was super quick and now the exercise of attendance management is no more a hurdle for us. There are very few organizations that provide After Sales Support par-excellence and EfroTech is one of them.

We are truly excited to see how we progress further with TimeTrax.”


Muhammad Farooq (Manager Finance)

I would like to take opportunity to offer heartfelt thanks and appreciate the untiring efforts put in by you and the whole team of EfroTech that had made our system of Sales & Distribution a resounding success.

There were many challenges, which were faced during implementation of the system but the team of EfroTech had always responded promptly and had worked with sincerity and dedication and with highly professional efficiency to overcome these challenges and to make this project a success.

With the experience which I had, I have no doubt that Insha Allah EfroTech would become one of the premier software houses of Pakistan in not a very distant future.


M. Arif Akahi (Managing Director)

“TimeTrax HR Software has completely changed the way we organize our HR functions. Our employees find it very easy to use. From the management perspective we love the fact that everything we need is in the one place – staff contact details, policies & procedures, absence records, leave requests, pay-slips and loan summaries – the list is endless. We are using eAttendance, eLeave and ePayroll modules of TimeTrax cloud version for our 250 employees with TT-VFace machines.
We also appreciate the training & support received from the team TimeTrax. They have been our HRM solution provider for many years and their after-sales support has been prompt and accommodating.”

Gumcorp (Pvt.) Ltd.

Waqas Akhtar (Manager Payables)

We were searching for a BI reporting and in-depth data analysis solution for our growing organization, Agro Processors & Atmospheric Gases (Pvt.) Ltd (APAG). The management was facing great challenges in getting the complete insight & visibility across all business operations due to which, we were in need of real-time reporting system that could automatically send critical business reports to managers and employees who rely on up-to-the minute data.

The solution came in the form of “orBItrax”, an Online Reporting & Business Intelligence/DashBoard Software that has given us a flexible, real-time and accurate online reporting solution to help us fill the reporting gaps in our operations and be competitive in the industry. It has enabled us to explore new business development opportunities and bring innovation to our organization at a remarkably faster pace, due to the availability of up-to-date data, which has eased our management in their decision making. orBItrax has also helped us in mitigating inaccuracies due to human errors and in ensuring and maintaining a consistent (past & current) data set.

Information that comes from different areas of business are stored at a central location within orBItrax. Accessing which, users can create reports within minutes. The software enables us quickly reconfigure our data in many different ways and have provided us with Drill-Down analytical capabilities, letting us create multiple report types with Tabular, Summary, Pivot Tables and Charts etc. along with multiple filters. For APAG, orBItrax delivers insights that are meaningful and actionable to enable instantaneous and informed decisions, made at a glance through user friendly interface that shows understandable, real-time, graphical representation of KPIs, summaries, key trends, comparisons against forecasts etc.

A highly generic and recommended solution!


Amyn Rafiq (Director Business Development)

We, Phar-Man-Services, are extremely pleased with the solution BizzTrax that has been delivered to us a in a record time of 12 months. Not only is it complete in every respect and meets all our day to day business requirements, it also comes with the comfort that there is an entire team working at your end all year round to keep it bug-free and running.

We are now able to focus better on our business and delivering value to our customers. For that, we thank you!


Shaukat Memon(Managing Partner)

I would like to thank the BizzTrax team at EfroTech for rescuing us from the disaster we were headed for due to major issues with in-house developed software we had been maintaining.

Over a period of 3 years, not only had we incurred a greater cost in terms of payroll of the human resource involved in the development, we had also done, undone and re-done numerous activities to run the incomplete system our development team had handed to us. Friction between developers and internal customers, unrealistic expectations and commitments, lack of domain expertise of developers and above all inadequate testing of the system led us from one disaster to another.

In turn, what BizzTrax offered us was a robust, scalable solution that has been tested in multiple industries over nearly a decade and harbors business’ best practices and input from industry veterans. A support infrastructure backed by a highly competent technical team and above all, a solution that was ready to use – a point we would have taken another 2 years to reach had we AGAIN started from scratch.

Well done guys!

AFN Enterprises


This is to testify that TimeTrax is a complete Human Capital Management Software for small, medium and large enterprises. It is a comprehensive and time saving solution for the smooth operations. We are experiencing a couple of amazing modules like Attendance Management, Leave Management & Payroll Management and satisfied with the user friendly functionality. It’s also great to have paperless features to generate HR reports which are a click away.

Support from EfroTech Management & TimeTrax technical team is commendable. We highly appreciate their efforts and dedication on improving their relationship with customers.

360 Training

Novette Kanaria (Senior Manager Human Resources)

It gives me immense pleasure to express my deepest appreciation to Team Efrotech for providing constant exceptional services to GfK Etilize with regards to TimeTrax (e-Attendance & e-Leave). We are using TimeTrax since 2012 and it really helped us streamline our attendance and leave system and HR procedures.

The actual reason behind these wonderful and excellent services, is the “Team Efrotech”. Whenever, we need support, they always fulfill their commitment and facilitate in a timely fashion.

We are pleased to work with Team Efrotech and will prolong this working relationship with them.

GfK Etilize

Muhammad Zahir Anwar(HR Business Partner)

I am pleased to write this testimonial regarding PTN’s experience with EfroTech for TimeTrax Attendance System.

PTN’s Team pleased and comfortable with EfroTech, We are using TimeTrax for Head Office and other locations in Karachi. Monitoring of attendance is a basic job of HR through a reliable, multiuser, web based application – TimeTrax.

We appreciate EfroTech support team for their prompt care in critical time as well as improvement in Software.

The EfroTech have a competent team of Marketing and Customer Services. Software implementation can be a challenging process with many accompanying risks. The EfroTech team helped in addressing the risks and positioned us for a successful implementation. It is not only essential to take the appropriate steps when selecting a software vendor, but to have an unbiased partner you trust, help and guide you throughout the process. I highly recommend EfroTech as a trusted partner for all software projects.

The other software BizzTrax and especially orBItrax is awesome! Hopefully, we will extend our relationship in future.

Perfect Transport Network (Pvt) Limited

Navaid Aijaz (Group Deputy Director & Company Secretary)

Getting the new eAttendance software of Time Trax has definitely improved our employee performance with respect to employee attendance and on the job productivity. It is a breakthrough system in Cloud-based Human Capital Management which remarkably controls absenteeism, in & out’ records and more. Being a broad spectrum system there is still much more for us to discover but we know one thing for sure – We’ll be impressed with its other features too.

Workflow Hub

Syed Fuzail Islam (Manager Network Operations)

We are using the TimeTrax device of EfroTech Services since 2010. The TimeTrax device has been useful for our administration department for attendance and leave management system.

This year we noticed that the technical services have improved and we look forward to the same in future also.

IMS Health Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited

Dr. Amanullah (Country Manager)

We had toyed for years with in-house development and managed to churn out solutions that lasted a couple of years and cost us thrice as much as an off-the-shell solution would have and we are glad that we said farewell to that era.

You guys have done a wonderful job in delivering to us a solution that not only meets our requirements in a diversified setup; you have also offered us a solution that allows us to think outside the box in terms of growth.

We look forward to working with you. keep up the great work!

Hospital Supply corporation

Mahmood Feroz

We got TimeTrax cloud-based eAttendance software along with a reliable TT-PT7 Biometric Fingerprint Devices few months ago for our time & attendance management, we approached several companies but eventually we decided to go with TimeTrax the best among the rest and rightly so.

It is an amazingly smart and easy-to-use Solution that is adaptable and affordable for any business. Most impressive of all is their customer service, they continue to provide quick support when needed, now Kidz N Kidz has gained true visibility into the entire staff and tracking over 200 employees at 20 different locations, in 11 cities across Pakistan. As per our need rises we are highly convinced to take remaining modules of TimeTrax since it is a complete HCM Software for any company and a highly recommendable too.

Kidz N Kidz

Javed A. Rahat(Manager Finance & Accounts/I.T)

We Progressive Group of Companies would like to thank you for inviting us to the valuable session (TimeTrax Professional Certificate Distribution Ceremony) at your premises August 27th 2013.

While taking this opportunity we also like to acknowledge that EfroTech is making great effort to introduce modern technology & softwares in corporate sector, though at current we are only using eAttendance System but the assistance provided by your Technical & Sales team is appreciated. eAttendance module of TimeTrax HR Software manages all the employee attendance , records. Absenteeism, overtime etc perfectly.

Hopefully, we will extend this working relationship in future & will recommend your products to others.

Progressive Traders (Pvt.) Ltd

Shazia Shahbaz (HR Manager)

The Cloud-based Human Capital Management Software, TimeTrax has served as a reinforcement to the administrative controls at Gul Ahmed Wind Power Limited to track employees’ Attendance, Leave and Payroll Management needs. ePayroll, with its complete payroll management capabilities has helped reduce associated administrative overheads and the risk of errors/miscalculations. The solution has tremendously improved management & employee satisfaction and the HR/Admin department can now keep complete track of every arrival and departure (‘in’ or ‘out’ transaction) through eAttendance.

TimeTrax HCM software is very user-friendly and works great with a company of our size. Speedy leave applications processing and managing of Leave records of the employees are now easier than ever before. We would also like to appreciate the Customer Support that has been delivered; always being prompt, thorough and cordial.

Gul Ahmed Wind Power Ltd.

Kashif Mehmood (System Administrator)

We have found TimeTrax to be a highly effective and purposeful HRM/HCM Solution for our Attendance administration, with 3 TT-IFace Face Recognition Devices in place alongside eAttendance module we are now well able to administer and monitor “check in & check out” of around 300 staff at factory and head office. Based on best HR practices & specially built to address the unique needs of Pakistani HR scenario TimeTrax HCM is reliable, intuitive and ready to use Solution. Support is always on hand when we need it.

We will absolutely recommend TimeTrax HCM Solution to others.

Baluchistan Wheels

Kumail Irfan Ghani (Head of Supply & Services)

We have been using TimeTrax Human Capital Management Software for some time now to facilitate the management and tracking of our employees’ attendance. We have found it to be accurate, efficient and intuitive and above all it has been well received by our 350 employees.

TimeTrax has turned out to be the ideal HCM Solution for our HR needs as we really required something reliable and economical. TimeTrax TT-iFace 800 Multibio Devices (Face Recognition with Fingerprint & RFID features) and the eAttendance module have proven to be a worthy Investment and working great for us. The after-sales support is also highly dependable.

We would readily recommend this solution!

Platinum Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd.

Amin Malirwala (Manager Administration)

It gives us pleasure to write that BizzTrax ERP Software has all the features we need, BizzTrax has met and exceeded all our criteria and has managed to tailor a solution very specific to our immediate and future needs. The support team is really peerless too; they got us up and running fast.

We feel no shame in admitting here that we too managed to develop a solution in-house that was significantly close to yours in terms of features. We did however falter when in came to controlling of the source-code, upgrading of development tools in the middle of the project as technologies advanced and replacement of software developers midway.

We’re delighted that we chose it, thank you BizzTrax & highly recommended


Abdul Rauf (Manager Operation)

Working with EfroTech has been one of the most positive experiences. We have been using TimeTrax eAttendance & eLeave for one year. We felt very comfortable using modules of TimeTrax- Human capital Management Software as it is very easy to use. We’re looking forward for other proficient modules like ePayroll & eTraining etc

We are grateful for your services & hope you will continue the good support in the future endeavors.

Jas Travels

Mubarak Ali (Manager Tours)

We are comfortable in working with TimeTrax. The software support provided by TimeTrax for attendance really helping us in day to day affairs. We also appreciate the services of Efrotech’s team to improve the result of the software.

The Efrotech have a competent team of Marketing and Customer Services. All in all we are experiencing the best class services.

Eeman Service Provider

Abid Fareed (Manager HR/ Administration)

“We are really glad that we opted for TimeTrax HR software for administrative needs of Attendance, Leave, Payroll and Documents management. EfroTech understands very well the local Tax structures and statutory requirements of Payroll and these have been translated into a very mature TimeTrax HCM product. The most superior in the Pakistan’s market. The on-premise version of the software along with the TT-20 Fingerprint devices manages our 300 employees at diverse locations and delivers well-timed reports & records. We can quickly retrieve any employee’s documents with a single click.

TimeTrax HR software is reliable, the kind of technological expertise and rapid support assistance from the team has turned this modern HR solution into a competitive advantage for us.”

Falcon-i (Pvt) Ltd.

Sumaira Mahwish (Manager Human Resources)

We spent a considerable amount of time comparing diverse HCM solutions that could align and automate our HR processes while giving a positive & significant impact on the way we manage our staff. We found TimeTrax to be the most proficient in terms of functionality, consistency and accuracy in the Pakistan market. The wide ranging Attendance, Leave and Payroll management modules of TimeTrax HR software incorporated with TT-20 fingerprint devices have solved all our problems.

TimeTrax HR software is highly recommended as it helps us intuitively manage our 150 employees initially which may extend till 500 after some time. Also TimeTrax has appreciably reduced the time & burden of administration.

Merin (Pvt) Limited

Muhammad Furqan Ghazipura (Manager Human Resource)

We started using TimeTrax HR Software just a few months ago, and already it has provided us with an incredible HRMS experience. Its HR management features have helped us get rid of paperwork and inaccuracy issues. We’re now well able to manage & monitor attendance, track leaves and automate our routine HR processes for around 100 employees. Having Biometric Fingerprint TT-20 devices plugged into the TimeTrax centralized HR Software, we have connected our 6 different locations including Karachi, Lahore & Faisalabad. With just a few clicks & workflow based design, employees can apply for leave, check their leave balances and managers can approve their requests anytime, anywhere with most basic access to the internet.

TimeTrax is an affordable, accurate and easy-to-use HRMS. Being a cloud-based HRM software and having ESS (Employee Self-Service), MSS (Manager Self-Service) features, makes it a big plus as our employees/managers can access & use it from anywhere in the world.

If you want to save time, efforts and money, go for TimeTrax without any hesitation. We recommend it for every growing company!

Allport Cargo Services

Faiza Tariq Qureshi (Head of Human Resource)

We had been considering diverse options for the automation of our routine and strategic HR functions without being chained to an excessively complex piece of software. During our search, we came across many HRM solutions, but the intuitive TimeTrax HRM software was found to be the finest solution to address the effective workforce management concerns for our organization.

In response to our requirements, we got cloud-based Attendance, Leave, Payroll and Appraisal management modules implemented besides reliable TT-20 fingerprint devices.

The after-sales support service from EfroTech is also expeditious and well-organized.

Based on the tremendous satisfaction we have received with it, I would like to recommend the TimeTrax HRM software and biometric hardware solution for the HR needs of organizations of all sizes.


Syed Mohsin Ahmed (Director Resources)

We started using TimeTrax Cloud HR Software sometime back, and EfroTech have provided us with an amazing HCMS experience. Their attendance management module with TT-20 fingerprint devices have helped us eliminate inaccuracy issues and paperwork. We’re now well equipped to automate and monitor employees’ attendance in our Pakistan and Afghanistan offices.

If you want to align your HR functions and save time as well as efforts, go for TimeTrax without any hesitation!

Logenix International

Mansoor Hussain (Deputy Manager Accounts)

I would like to recommend TimeTrax HR software, as it has proved to be proficient in reforming our workforce time-clocking & attendance processes with great tracking ability and high-level customer support. Moreover, the Employee Self Service (ESS) & Manager Self Service (MSS) features have considerably reduced our HR workload while enhancing workplace productivity.

Intellexal Solutions

Ammar Ghaffar, (Manager Operations)

We are very pleased with the TimeTrax attendance system by EfroTech. It is a very useful tool which is easy to use with good reports. Overall it is an excellent product.

We would like to thank the EfroTech staff for a professional job in the implementation of this product, which did not interrupt our daily work schedules.

We are satisfied customer of EfroTech and would prefer to use their other products without hesitation.

Wateen Telecom

Farhan Tariq Mir (Manager HR – Planning)

The Cloud-based Human Capital Management Software, TimeTrax has served as a reinforcement to the administrative controls at Metro Power Company Limited to track employees’ Attendance, Leave and Payroll Management needs. ePayroll, with its complete payroll management capabilities has helped reduce associated administrative overheads and the risk of errors/miscalculations. The solution has tremendously improved management & employee satisfaction and the HR/Admin department can now keep complete track of every arrival and departure (‘in’ or ‘out’ transaction) through eAttendance.

TimeTrax HCM software is very user-friendly and works great with a company of our size. Speedy leave applications processing and managing of Leave records of the employees are now easier than ever before. We would also like to appreciate the Customer Support that has been delivered; always being prompt, thorough and cordial.

Metro Power Company Limited


“We hereby confirm that TimeTrax is an excellent cloud-based HR system integrated with Biometric devices. We have been using it for the past ten years and it has made Attendance management and time tracking a simple task. Our employees truly enjoy the ease of use. TimeTrax is indeed an extremely powerful and cost-effective HRMS. We are satisfied with their services.”

Radiant Chemical (PVT) LTD.

Tariq Jawed (Manager Accounts)

EfroTech’s innovative payroll software have helped us a lot to automate our most of the routine tasks, hence reducing the time and cost involved in performing that tasks. Because of their cost-effectiveness software, it became convenient and easier for us to manage our day-to-day stuff affectively and effectively.

AKD Investment

Muhammad Amin Hussain (Company Secretary/CFO)

We are extremely pleased with the Attendance & Payroll management solutions of TimeTrax, this user friendly and strong software is doing a lot for us, we are not bothered now from routine tasks instead it is enabling us to be more focused on our core business, we spend more time working and less time managing.

In addition TimeTrax team really amazed us with their expertise, service, responsiveness, and workmanship. They truly care about the work that they do, and the success of their client. This is what makes them the top on our list. We would recommend their software to anyone.

HMA Pumps (Pvt) Ltd

Ehsan-ur-Rahim (Assistant ERP/IT Manager)

It is indeed a professional experience for our Company to get assistance with the Software TimeTrax-Human Capital Management Software to evaluate the progress of the employees. EfroTech has done a great job to create a useful software which is fully equipped and fulfills future requirement.

THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited

Javed Iqbal (Chief Executive)

It has been a pleasure working with EfroTech’s professional, efficient and creative team. They are available 24/7 throughout the process of application development. I will continue doing business with EfroTech in the future and certainly recommend their expertise to others. We would also like to go internationally for “e-Order”. The tool really solved tons of our problems.



Efrotech is a highly dependable company when it comes to developing your business IT applications. They not only strive for the best but always go an extra mile to satisfy their customers.


ATIF ALI (Business System Analyst)

It has been wonderful experience working with EfroTech.The focus and determination of EfroTech’s team is there, the solution provided by EfroTech is timely and suitable. They are available, with their expertise, whenever the need arises. EfroTech has proven our decision of selecting their services profitable by adding real value to business.

Movenpick Hotels & Resorts

ELIZABETH VON ATZIGEN (Director Of Human Resources)

We looked at several ERP Softwares before making a decision on various aspects of Company operations and to find a solution of a software house which can accommodate our needs, but none provided the integrated functionalities that we were looking for. When we came across Web-based ERP/SCM/POS Software BizzTrax – it immediately sounded like the solution to our problem. Even better — it provided much more than our initial requirements. This is even user friendly and easy to grasp by our employees.

BizzTrax has provided us the end-to-end solution of business management and we have been using the same for the last 4 years. This software is immensely helping us to take care of our entire business functions, since its incorporation managing inventory, procurement, sales and finance has never been problematic while real time reporting provides visibility into all operations and enabling faster decision making. This is a tool which we were lacking previously, now real time information/MIS makes our business decisions rather timely and assist us in solutions near to reality.

Post implementation support has also been superb and team is always accessible through email, phone or in person when necessary. We have no hesitation in recommending this P@SHA ICT Awards 2013 WINNER ERP software especially for the small and medium scale sectors.

Mehran Enterprises

Khalid Zaki (GM Finance & Supply Chain)