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CRM System Software in Pakistan

TimeTrax Customer Relationship Management System:

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Engaged Customers, Revenues Multiplied! A robust software module that manages and tracks all Customer-related activities: Sales-leads, Opportunities, Prospects & Existing customer contacts, Lead Sources, Relationship Period & Value and lot more. eCRM captures data at multiple touch points and provides a seamless flow of data across the entire customer lifecycle. eCRM helps reduce costs and increase profitability by managing and automating Sales & Customer Relationships, while delivering return on investment (ROI) too. This Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) module of TimeTrax – an award winning HCM/ERP/CRM Software – helps organizations enjoy, at a minimal cost, the benefits of a world-class CRM solution that focuses on delivering both intrinsic and extrinsic value.

Customer Relationship Management Benefits & Features:

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Sales Lead Source Setup.

Sales Lead Creation & Listing.

Contact Management /Account Management including Contacts & Prospects.

Sales Lead Management.

Lead Generation & Conversion of Lead into Opportunity.

Asign Opportunity to team members with email & SMS Alerts.

Sales Lead and Follow-up Tracking.

Activities & Sales Stages Setup.

Track Activities, Sales Opportunities, Quotes, etc. by Contact.

Schedule Future Activities.

Opportunity Setup and Opportunity Management

Track Opportunities against Activities (Phone Call, Meeting, Demo, etc.

Advanced CRM Analytics & Sales Reporting Dashboard.

Multiple Sales Reports/ Lead and Opportunity Statuses (Won, Lost, Deferred, Closed, etc.

Dashboard reminders for ‘Follow-up’ Activities.

Simplicity and Ease of Integration.

Ultimate Flexibility/Mobile & Web Access from anyplace – with Web based Architecture and ‘on-Cloud’ & ‘on-Premise’ versions.

Customer Relationship Management Workflow:

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Customer Relationship Management Software Workflow