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"Training is an Investment in the Future of your Business"

Employee Training Software in Pakistan 2023

TimeTrax Training Management System:

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Provides a solution for Human Resource Development by keeping complete track of training history and schedules, in sync with the Appraisal module. It even lets your HR department share the information electronically with training vendors.


Training Management Benefits & Features:

Modules Heading - Efrotech

Manages Position and required Skill Matrix.

Shares information electronically with training vendors/Trainers.

Complete Tracks of training need assessments, Training records and Post Training Evaluations.

Department wise Training calendar.

Role based security.

Web based user-friendly interface.

Setup based Skills, Skill Categories, Training Vendors/Institutions and Type of Training's.

Email reminders for due training.

Manage training needs assessment.

Track training post & training evaluation records.

Training calendar online and reports.

Training Management Workflow:

Modules Heading - Efrotech
Training Management Software Workflow