Biometric RFID

Biometric fingerprint, face recognition and RFID devices in Pakistan



Dual mode biometric time and attendance terminal includes both a camera for facial recognition and a fingerprint capture device for versatile and secure biometric applications.

  • Face Capacity: 1,200/2,000 (optional)
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 2,000
  • Card Capacity: 10,000
  • Transaction Capacity: 100,000
  • Fingerprint Sensor: Optical
  • Access Control: Yes
  • Communications: TCP/IP, WI-FI (optional)
  • Card Functions: RFID
  • Display: 4.3 inches Touch Screen
  • Power Supply: 12V DC
  • ADMS: Optional


G3 Pro is powered by Computer Vision technology like 3-in-1 contactless palm recognition, which means the terminal can perform bio-authentication with a user's palm vein, palm print, and the shape of palm at the same time once the sensor detects a hand presented.

  • Fingerprints: 20,000
  • Faces: 12,000
  • Palm: 6,000
  • Cards: 20,000
  • Transactions: 200,000
  • Communication: TCP/IP / USB Host / Wiegand Output
  • Access Control Interface: Lock Relay Output/Alarm Output/Exit Button/Door Sensor/External Bell
  • SilkID Fingerprint Sensor: 4.3 Inches Touch Screen/Hi-Fi Voice & Indicator/Tamper Switch Alarm
  • Compatibility: BioTime8.0 / Biosecurity (T&A) / WDMS
  • Power Operating: Voltage 12V DCCurrent Draw < 500 mA


TCP/IP, USB-host, Simple access control or external bell, Multi languages, SSR report in excel forms

  • FingerprintCapacity: 3000
  • ID Card Capacity: 3000
  • Record Capacity: 200000
  • Display: 2.8-inch TFT Screen
  • Communication: TCP/IP, USB Host
  • Optional Function: ID/Mifare
  • Software: ZKTime5.0
  • Power Supply: DC 12V 1.5A
  • Verification Speed: <0.5 Sec.
  • Dimension: 184*136*37.6(Length*Width*Thickness)


2.8-inch color screen biometric terminal for Time & Attendance, and Access Control (primary) applications. It adopts BioID fifingerprint collector for excellent recognition and internal WiFi for convenient communication.


  • Fingerprint Capacity: 3,000 templates
  • RFID Card Capacity: 3,000
  • Transaction Capacity: 50,000
  • User Capacity: 3,000
  • Fingerprint Sensor: Optical
  • Communications: USB, TCP/IP, WI-FI
  • Card Functions: RFID
  • Display: Color Screen
  • Power Supply: 12V DC
  • ADMS: Optional


Face authentication with the latest generation of face recognition algorithms allows the device to detect targets at a distance of 0.3 m to 2 m and will automatically activate when it detects faces within the detecting distance./p>

  • Display:2.8-inch TFT Screen
  • Face Capacity: 3,000
  • Fingerprint Capacity:3,000
  • Card Capacity: 10,000 (Optional)
  • Transactions: 100,000
  • Communication: TCP / IP, WiFi, Wiegand Input / Output, RS485, RS232
  • Access Control Interface: 3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button
  • Facial Recognition Speed: ≤1s
  • Power Supply: 12V 3A
  • Dimensions: (W * H * D) 170 * 138 * 38.55 (mm)


RFID Slave Device

  • RFID card based SLAVE device
  • Can be used with TT-SC403 and TT-18


Touch less switch

  • Touch Less exit button


Supports multiple verification methods including face, fingerprint, card, password, combinations between them and basic access control

MB-460 2.png
  • Face Capacity: 1,500
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 2,000
  • RFID Card Capacity: 2,000
  • Card Capacity: 2,000
  • Record Capacity: 100,000
  • Display: 2.8-inch TFT Screen
  • Communication: TCP/IP, USB-Host, Wi-Fi (Optional)
  • verification: 12V Output
  • Dimension:200.25 x 148 x 33.04 mm (Length*Width*Thickness)
  • Power Supply: DC 12V 1.5A


F21 is the first time attendance and access control terminal applying the most advanced SilkID technology. It not only possesses outstandingly high identification rate towards dry, wet and rough finger, but also provides the utmost security by its live finger detecting capability.

  • Display: 2.4-inch TFT LCD Color Screen
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 3,000
  • Card Capacity: 5000(Optional) ID or IC card
  • Transaction Capacity: 100,000
  • Sensor: SilkID Sensor
  • Communication: RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB-host
  • Access Control Interface: 3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm, Doorbell
  • Wiegand Signal: Input, Output,SRB
  • Functions: DST,Automatic Status Switch, Anti-passback,Scheduled-Bell,Printer & Wireless door bell (Optional)
  • Power Supply: 12V DC,3A

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • DC 5V/12V UPS for Biometric and Proximity Device

Proximity Card

  • Card Frequency: 125 Khz
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