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"Cash Flow Being Arranged to Take Care of Your Organization!"


TimeTrax Cash Management System:

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With real-time tracking, TimeTrax eCash is an automated and a centrally controlled cash management module. Upon approvals advances can be issued to employees and returns and adjustments can be managed easily. It also supports advances issued to the petty cash custodian from accounts, direct expenses & reimbursements.

Cash Management Benefits & Features:

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Items, employees & chart of accounts setups can be created.

Easy process of applying and approving of advance requests.

Listing of details of each and every advance requests is available.

Advance issuance, returns and adjustment entries with their respective lists.

Advance issuance requests from Accounts department & approvals to the petty cash custodian.

Listing and details of advances issued from accounts.

Recording of direct expense and direct expense list.

Reimbursement requests of direct expense, approvals & listing.

Cash Management Workflow:

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Cash Management Software Workflow