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TimeTrax Financial Management System:

Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable:

A comprehensive module that provides the complete integration between different areas of Finance in one place. Revolving around the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, this powerful module combines recurring & adjustment entries and generates accurate financial reporting.


General Ledger:

General Ledger is the heartbeat of every financial system. eFinancials General Ledger module handles the financial needs in the most efficient way. It seamlessly provides the integration between different modules and gives the information needed to tighten control over general ledger, payables and receivables and improves cash flows. eFinancials General Ledger module includes cost center, chart of account, tax payable & receivable, cash / bank book, bank reconciliation, profit & loss statement and balance sheet.


Financial Management Benefits & Features:

  • Explore the chart of account upto 7 levels.
  • Explore the cost center upto 7 levels.
  • Automated system with two different voucher types i.e. single voucher type and double voucher type.
  • Create income summaries, balance sheets and cash flow statement a breeze with built-in financial report writer.
  • eFinancials allows to export your report to different file formats.

Financial Management Workflow:

Financial Management Workflow

Accounts Receivable:

eFinancials A/R module helps you to fasten your client billing and collection process, from invoice entry to the recording of payments and even to issuing customer refunds. The module enables possess a superior level of customer service, control of cash flow and analyze sales performance.

Account Receivable Benefits & Features:

  • Effective and organized system with extensive information and reporting features to make quicker business decisions.
  • Comprehensive customer maintenance features allow maintaining customer’s information, month and year-to-date totals, current balance, open credits, deposits, and last payment information.
  • Create aging schedules to know customer outstanding balances by period and view sales person wise customer history.

Account Receivable Workflow:

Account Receivable Workflow

Accounts Payable:

eFinancials A/P efficiently controls the cash management, expenses, more accurate information and reduce the manpower required to process your accounts. eFinancials A/P module helps manage a company's expenditures. This application maintains complete vendor information, including unlimited contacts, e-mail addresses, purchase order address, NTN and other financial information. General Ledger accounts and pre-set distribution percentages can be defined for each vendor. Powerful inquiries provide instant access to vendor information including invoices, debit notes, credit notes and payments.

Account Payable Benefits & Features:

  • Immediate registration of incoming invoices & payment processing.
  • Aging analysis periods for outstanding invoices of suppliers.
  • Powerful library of accounting and reporting feature facilitates rapid receiving, entering and tracking of vendor invoices and full cheque reconciliation and printing.

Account Payable Workflow:

Account payable Workflow

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