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TimeTrax Help Desk Management System:

Employees can raise service requests to departments & rate against completed requests. Help-Desk can also be used for managing customer complaints/service requests, offering ratings against tickets.


Help Desk Management Benefits & Features:

  • Customers & projects can be created.
  • Project employee mapping & project customer mapping.
  • Helpdesk ticket submission & response on Helpdesk ticket.
  • Complaint status & nature can be created and checked.
  • Email notifications on ticket submission to the submitter/support team.
  • Email notifications to submitter/support team on response entry from submitter/support team.
  • The list of requests/complaints/tickets can be checked through date range, customers/projects, status, nature, etc. with ratings, remarks, response/resolution time, etc.

Help Desk Management Workflow:

Help Desk Management Software Workflow

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